Limehouse Blues


The woman who invented the modern basis of wireless communication made also film history when appearing in the controversial film Ekstase (also known as, Symphonie der Liebe), Ecstasy. Hedy Lamarr, by that time, Hedy Kiesler plays a ordinary woman who marries a older man who can’t please her so she leaves him and finds a lover who can. This film from 1933 contains the first ever non-pornographic sex scene with a stimulated orgasm. Hedy had trouble to show emotion during the scene so the director, Gustav Machatý unexpectedly jabbed her in the derriere with a pin in order to get the desired expressions on her face. Hedy was 19 when the film released and a lot of sources say she was 19 years old during film but in her elder days she confessed that she was younger than that. The film shows female sexuality in a positive way and was ahead of its’s time. The lead female character is not shamed for her sexual desires as she leaves her husband for a younger lover. She has her own voice and own determination as she goes off leaving her husband and later lover to live happily in her own ways. Pope Pius XII publicly denounced the film and it was banned in Germany main reason was the sex scene was between a German man and a Jewish woman (Hedy Lamarr being Jewish in real life), the film still goes on to be one of the worlds most groundbreaking pictures and even shows a nude Hedy Lamar, from the waist up.

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